C Systems Global Ltd has become Connect Systems Global

As of September the 1st 2021, C Systems Global Ltd, the UK arm of C Systems Global has become Connect Systems Global following an acquisition transaction involving C Systems LLC and RSM US LLP.

At the same time, we separated our UK operation and our highly successful “Connect” suite of products from C Systems. This presented us the exciting opportunity to continue offering these products independently, under a new brand.

In rebranding to Connect Systems Global, we wanted a name that reflects the products and services we provide. Since Connect is our product brand, it made sense to use that brand within the company name.

So what does the future hold? Connect systems will continue to offer the same range of iMIS services our clients currently enjoy. We will continue to have access to the best iMIS resources from around the world and be able to bring them into your projects under our project management and processes. We will also be supporting clients worldwide in their use of the Connect products whilst further expanding the range. The Connect products were all designed by Jeremy Wilson, the managing director of Connect Systems. So the continued support and growth of these integrations will be a priority for the renamed business.

Please contact Jeremy Wilson for any further information.