Connecting iMIS to the Systems You Love: Mailchimp
12 October 2023: 11:30 am EST / 4:30 pm BST

We are excited to show you Connect for Mailchimp, a full integration between iMIS Events and Mailchimp .

       Connect for Mailchimp Webinar
12 October 2023: 11:30 am (EST) / 4 pm (BST)

Connect Systems Global wants to help you take advantage of this superior technology that is here to stay!

Connect for Mailchimp provides the deepest integration with iMIS, keeping your iMIS contacts permanently synchronised with Mailchimp. Communication Preferences are synchronised, and all the helpful Mailchimp analytics (delivered, opened, clicked, unsubscribed, bad) are stored back in iMIS against your contacts profile. We provide tools to help keep your Mailchimp contact count as low as possible to keep your costs low. Dashboards are installed so that from day one you can see your Mailchimp analytics.

Connect for Mailchimp is 100% iMIS Cloud and 2017 compatible

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