Connecting iMIS to the Systems You Love: SurveyMonkey
19 October 2023: 11:30am EST / 4:30pm BST

We are excited to show you Connect for Survey Monkey and how it will help you use the best of your iMIS AND work seamlessly with the best of SurveyMonkey. 

    Connect for SurveyMonkey Webinar
19 October 2023: 11:30am (EST) / 4:30pm (BST)

Connect Systems Global wants to help you take advantage of this superior technology that is here to stay!

Connect for SurveyMonkey is very popular for organisations trying to increase engagement amongst their members. Most often used to get feedback on the member joining process, or questions before, during and after online events, or customer call processes. But also used by some associations for testing member’s knowledge of areas before they are awarded certification. All responses are stored back in iMIS against the contact profile and displayed in Dashboards.

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