Connecting iMIS to the Systems You Love: Zoom
5 October 2023: 11:30am EST / 4:30pm BST

We are excited to show you Connect for Zoom that will help you use the best of your iMIS AND work seamlessly with the best of Zoom.

Connect for Zoom Webinar
5 October 2023: 11:30am (EST) / 4:30pm BST

Connect Systems Global wants to help you take advantage of this superior technology that is here to stay!

Connect for Zoom allows your iMIS event process to automatically create a Zoom meeting or webinar. Then as your registrants add themselves on your website, they are automatically added to the Zoom event and sent an invitation. The unique Zoom URL is stored in the iMIS contact profile for you to display on your member site if you wish. Once the event is over, attendees are stored back in iMIS along with the duration they attended for. Dashboards are provided so that from day one all your key Zoom meeting and webinar information is displayed.

Connect for Zoom is 100% iMIS Cloud and 2017 compatible.

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