Connecting iMIS to the Systems You Love: Connect for Phone
26 October 2023: 11:30am EST / 4:30pm BST

We are excited to show you Connect for Phone and how it will help you use the best of your iMIS AND work seamlessly with ZoomPhone.

Connect for ZoomPhone Webinar
26 October 2023: 11:30am (EST) / 4:30pm (BST)

Connect Systems Global wants to help you take advantage of this superior technology that is here to stay!
We are excited to show you Connect for ZoomPhone, a full integration between iMIS Events and ZoomPhone.

Connect for Zoom Phone delivers the phone integration the iMIS community has been wanting for years. When someone calls one of your team, the incoming number is matched against phone numbers in your iMIS system as well as matching against company records. Simply click on the name of the caller and it will be logged against their record. Once the call is over a full transcript of the call is attached to the call log so that you have a full, permanent, record of the conversation. But what about calling your members? Your contact’s key phone numbers are grouped together and clicking one of them will start Zoom Phone making a call. Just as with incoming calls, a log of the call is created and once the call is completed the transcript is saved to the user’s record. If that's not enough, any missed calls from people using iMIS (or not) are also recorded allowing you to analyse your members’ customer service experience. Dashboards are provided so that from day one all your key information is displayed.

Connect for ZoomPhone is 100% iMIS Cloud and 2017 compatible.

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