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Capture Leads. Effectively.

Increasingly we've been hearing that Constant Contact is the preferred Association Marketing solution and so we listened and we're proud to offer the iMIS community Connect for Constant Contact. Working with the Constant Contact team has been a delight and we are loving hearing how well they look after their users.

It work's very simply by choosing the contacts you want to synchronise from iMIS then we securely synchronise your chosen contacts and selected iMIS fields from iMIS with Constant Contact.

Within Constant Contact you can include the iMIS fields in your marketing campaigns. You can filter the campaigns to send to the iMIS groupings you choose – Registrants, Members, Non-Members, Committee’s, Communities or any other delineation you have.

Key metrics will be brought back to iMIS and stored against each contact, so you can see in dashboards: Opens, Clicks, Bounces, devices used to open the emails.

The metrics can show the member types engaging with campaigns, member status, and all being built in standard iMIS give you full control to create your own queries and easily leverage your iMIS data to power your Constant Contact audiences - no more uploads and downloads; see everything you need to send and evaluate your campaigns directly in iMIS.

Get Started Today!

Are you interested in saving money, easy access to your iMIS data, and a true integration with Constant Contact?

Then please fill in our form and we will be in touch about giving you a demo.

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