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Why Choose Us?

Connect Systems Global was founded with a goal of providing the highest quality database software, website, and technology support services to associations and non-profit organisations. We serve clients throughout America, Canada, the UK, Europe and Australia.

We are an award-winning and highly respected iMIS Solution Provider, and we also provide implementation and support services for the aventri platform addressing every aspect of the event life cycle. Our core competencies include expert system optimisations, project management, implementation services, application consulting, development, and technical services including a full array of system hosting options. We have a large group of highly skilled consultants, most of whom have spent their careers working for associations and non-profits. We have a simple company motto. We are Technology Focused | Relationship Driven. 

With this simple concept as our motivator, our staff is committed to leveraging technology to build successful business relationships with our clients. This is the essence of Connect Systems Global.

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