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iMIS: Designed for the unique needs of association, union, membership, regulatory, charity and non-profit management.


iMIS is the world’s only Engagement Management System (EMS), purpose-built to meet your unique needs and to support your continuous performance improvement. iMIS is designed for the way you work and designed with the flexibility to extend and grow with you, all with automatic continuous upgrades.

Since 1991 the iMIS platform has helped thousands of non-profits grow revenue, reduce expenses, and improve performance. Long after its introduction, iMIS remains the industry leader serving association and non profits by setting industry trends and delivering iMIS best practices though a very large network of authorised iMIS consultants.

As an Authorised iMIS Solution Provider, Connect Systems Global is focused on providing high value support and guidance at every step of the implementation process.



Relying on practical work experience from projects big and small, the implementation team at Connect Systems Global provides proven project management methodologies, regular status updates and open communications throughout the duration of our projects.

For every project you are assigned a project manager who will build, share, and maintain the project documentation that includes:
  • Requirements and business process review
  • Project milestones
  • Project schedule and task listings
  • Issues and resolutions
  • Budget versus actual to-date hours
  • Early warnings of any potential budget or process concerns


Connect Systems Global handles every aspect of an iMIS upgrade. We have direct experience with upgrades that can become complex, where clients have custom integrations, integrations with popular CMS platforms, custom applications that may been developed previously both inhouse or with other providers. We have a deep understanding and awareness of how to upgrade efficiently and with minimal risk.

YOU ARE NOT STUCK! Even with large amounts of customisations we are able to help you move forward intelligently.

Talk to us. Together we will prioritise tasks, reduce the confusion and mitigate risk. We'll also add a full dosage of creativity so your upgrade to iMIS Cloud may be less complex than you may be currently thinking.

System Audit

For clients who need a check-up, or an understanding of where they are relative to the latest iMIS release, and for clients who are needing a roadmap and recommendations on how to move forward the Connect Systems Global iMIS System Audit may be an option for budgeting and change management.


Need some straightforward advice on how to deploy and leverage the iMIS Engagement Module? Our experts can help you strategise, develop the metrics and put the Engagement module in place quickly. And the second phase of that work effort is how to put that engagement scoring to work in personalisation routines and member retention campaigns.


Intrigued by iMIS but feeling you need to "hit the reset button" and redeploy? We’d look to salvage as much as we could from your current deployment but we’d also start with an approach that looks closely at your critical business functions and how your software is aligned with your business objectives and long term plan. We often find layers of unused logic, confusing customisations, SQL Scripting where the logic and results are flawed and reporting that is inaccurate and not relevant to your current business needs.


Connect Systems Global offers comprehensive Help Desk and support services 24 x 7 x 365 for our clients.

Our help desk staff are available from 8 am to 5 pm (UK) with after hours and weekend support available on an as-needed basis.

You can be assured of superior technical, diagnostic, and iMIS expertise when requesting support from the Connect Systems Global Help Desk who will be your point of contact for:

  • General troubleshooting for desktops and servers
  • Troubleshooting websites
  • Report development and support
  • Evaluation of your iMIS processes to achieve your business goals
  • SQL server admin and support
  • Support for all iMIS applications
  • Remote training sessions to help you better use your iMIS applications
  • Aventri configuration support
  • Connect integration support
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